Joe Capobianco Easy Glow Tattoo Ink

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Easy Glow Premium Pigments

I want to thank you all for supporting a passion project of mine - Easy Glow. It has been wonderful these last 5 years, I absolutely adore these inks.


Unfortunately, due to increased competition and the cost of importing such a special brand from Brazil, I have decided to stop production of the Easy Glow brand effective immediately.


The main reason behind this difficult decision is that Electric Ink Brazil, the mother company of Easy Glow, has just penned a deal to start distributing in the States. If competition was difficult before, it will be even more difficult in the future with Electric Ink Brazil so readily available here the U.S.


With that being said we are liquidating our remaining stock and making the offer to our loyal customers first. For those of you who are afraid of investing in a brand that will no longer be available in the future, please be aware that Electric Ink Brazil is nearly identical and I myself wait in anticipation for it to be available here in the states.


Thank you again for your support and I hope you take advantage of this unique opportunity to purchase Easy Glow and a highly reduced cost.


- Joe Capobianco